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Treasure Trove of Memories

Girls in Year 7 left messages for the Pipers girls of 2031 recently when they buried a time capsule in the school grounds. Inspired by project work in their History lessons the girls decided that they wanted to make a record of school life in 2011 for students in the future.

08 April 2011

Treasure Trove of Memories photoTreasure Trove of Memories

Year 7 girls left messages for the Pipers girls of 2031 when they buried a time capsule in the school grounds recently. The idea for the time capsule came about after the girls were tasked with piecing together the history of Pipers since 1955 as a History lesson project. The resulting discovery of how much the school had changed in just over 50 years made the girls want to make a record of school life now for the pupils who would be at Pipers in another 20 years.

Year 7 pupil M Hird said, “When we were doing our project we found books and records about Pipers but not a lot from the point of view of the students. We thought it would be nice if, in 2031, girls doing a similar project to us could dig up our time capsule and then we could tell them what school life in 2011 was really like.”

To ensure that the capsule captured the essence of Pipers from a student’s point of view, each girl in Year 7 wrote a note to put in the capsule which described what Pipers was like for them, their favourite subjects, things they enjoyed doing like using the school zip wire and of course what the school dinners are like!

As well as the personal notes other items that were buried included school magazines, photographs, a who’s who list of staff, school hymn book, a school prospectus and calendar, a lunch menu and some teacher interviews.

The time capsule was buried in the school quiet garden and the treasure trove of memories is now ready and waiting for the class of 2031 to come along and discover this unique insight into school life.

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