Friday 29 August 2014

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Making it all count

Matthew Smith looks at a new report which assesses the economic impact of schools.

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Preparatory Thoughts
Being a good listener

Julie Robinson explores the ways parents can help their children overcome adversity.

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Thoughts from the Study
Lazy Days of Summer

Peter Tait reflects on the childhood lessons he learnt during the summer holidays.

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All Aboard
Go on then...

Hilary Moriarty discusses why it is so important to allow children to try new things.

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End Piece
Stand by for paradoxes

Tim Hands offers parents and pupils tips on how (not) to prepare for interviews.

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Cover Stories

The Pink and Blue Rebellion

Walk into any shop for children and you are confronted by a sea of pink and blue clothes and toys. Hannah Webster of IAPS challenges this growing trend and asks what effect it will have on children.

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Faces of the Great War

The commemoration of WWI gives schools the opportunity to use their archives in engaging ways, helping to bring stories from the past to life, as Peter McDonough of Mill Hill School explains.

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Dealing with Critical Illness

If a child or parent suffers a critical illness, it is a huge challenge for any school. Tim Pitman of Westbourne House looks at how the community can offer support through whole school well-being.

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Climate of Change

The threat posed by climate change is exacerbated by ignorance and a lack of education, suggests Marcus Culverwell of Reigate St Mary's. The teaching of sustainability needs to have greater emphasis.

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Summer Features

Lessons in Nutrition

Lunchtime is about far more than just healthy food, argues Karen Cordon of St Margaret's Prep. It's an opportunity for children to socialise with adults, practise table manners and make the right choices.

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All-rounder to polymath?

All too often, children develop a wide range of talents, skills and interests only for them to fall by the wayside at they get older. John Brett of Old Buckenham Hall looks at how we can reverse this trend.

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